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Comprehensive analysis of popular dietary supplements and the ingredients found in them. 

  • Instant Barcode Scanning Technology

  • Full ingredient descriptions and functions
  • Serving size vs. actual amounts identified
  • Side-by-side comparisons
  • Search by ingredient, brand, or product
  • Full category searches to make navigation easier! NEW
  • Random Supplement generator to discover new products! NEW
  • Purchase links to make buying your researched product simple! NEW


We are a completely independent company that is simply trying to provide consumers with the information they need when making a purchase. We have no corporate sponsors or companies influencing our goals and our research is done completely in house. We have established positive working relationships with many supplement companies that we feel tries it's best to meet the needs of the customers. As we grow, so will our network of knowledge and company pride. Stay tuned for more information and spread the word!


We are Supplement Snoop! With our app and website you will be able to learn about dietary supplements and their ingredients. Find out which products are safe and match your goals, as well as find out which products are a waste of money. Help us make the industry safer and more transparent!

We take information gathering a step further. Beyond breaking down the labels, we concisely define each ingredient and give any scientific backing to it. We compare serving sizes vs. the actual amount of product contained. We also offer side-by-side comparisons to see which product adds the most benefit for your money.

Shop online and step into Vitamin Stores with more confidence and the ability to determine what is the right fit for you!

Learn More About Who We Are and Why We Started Supplement Snoop! 

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We focus our attention on the FINE PRINT and the information contained in the "Other Ingredients"

Our focus is on the ingredients added to products that people do not know. We feel if we are going to ingest a product that is supposed to help, we should at least be sure what exactly those ingredients are. We have built a massive ingredient database so give concise definitions and uses to people purchasing products so they can be sure of what exactly this product contains, and why.

​Our Goals

Here at Supplement Snoop, our #1 goal is information. What is whey protein? What are fat burners? Are they safe? How can I lose weight and build muscle effectively?

We take information gathering a step further and give complete supplement breakdowns, including ingredient definitions and their functions. Consumers should have this information on hand when making their purchases so it is our goal to give people the information they need.


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