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All Natural Energy Supplements

Caffeine- One of the oldest and most used energy boosters in the world. Caffeine has been studied more than any other supplement on the market and they always come up with the same thing: when used in relative moderation, caffeine boosts energy, performance, and has also been linked to all kinds of health benefits such as: lower risk of heart disease, high antioxidants and more. This is more apparent when it is taken from it's natural form, the coffee bean, without heavy processing.

Nitric Oxide- Nitric Oxide is a natural chemical found in the body and it increases blood flow. It does this by opening up the blood vessels (vasodilation) which allows more blood to pump through. You find these products added to many exercise supplements because they improve exercise. For natural sources of Nitric Oxide, look to Beets, Dark Chocolate, Garlic, Grape Seed Extract, Spinach, and other leafy greens.