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​As you can see by looking at the label, it's pretty confusing. The trust is placed 100% into the manufacturers hands and people buy it without a second thought. Our company's focus is on that tiny print at the end of the label. The OTHER STUFF as I like to call it.

Sucrose- A common carbohydrate found in plants that is refined from cane or beet sugar so humans can have it

Glucose- A simple sugar that is important to humans as an energy source

Citric Acid- A flavoring and preservative

Taurine- An amino acid that may lower blood pressure and calm the sympathetic nervous system

Sodium Bicarbonate- An antacid

Magnesium Carbonate- A synthetic form of the mineral

Caffeine- we all know about the powerful and effective stimulant

Niacinamide- Synthetic Vitamin B3

Calcium Panthothenate- Synthetic Vitamin B5

Pyridoxine Hydrochloride- Synthetic Vitamin B6

So there you have it. A bunch of different sugars, a bunch of synthetic vitamins, and caffeine. I'm not here to demonize energy drinks but if they were a little more up front about their labeling I'm not sure they would do the business they do. When you can mass produce a cheap product, you can flood the industry with marketing and advertising. Simple as that.

​Monster: #393 on the Forbes 500 Sales of 2.7 Billion

The Energy Obsession

As the world has changed, so has the demands of the people. We work longer hours, we multi-task, we are on the go 24-7. This has led to an explosion in the world of Energy Drinks and Supplements. People used to rely on simply coffee to give them a boost but as science and demand have collided, there is now an endless stream of products to help fuel our days.

Energy Drinks

This is a dicey subject. What was once a small niche market has now exploded into billions of dollars in revenue, marketing, and research. It's not just athletes or bodybuilders looking for them either. It's everyone. With that extreme always comes some consequences. Some people react to ingredients differently and with unregulated labels and confusing descriptions, its no wonder some people have paid the price for indulgence.

Let's Take a Closer Look

The two biggest players in the energy drink game are Redbull and Monster.

​Redbull: #74 on the Forbes top business list and a net worth of 7.9 billion

So here is the original Monster label. As we all know there are about a million varieties by now.


Ginseng- a root that has been studied for it's mood and energy boosting abilities


L-Carnitine- an amino acid that may turn fat into energy


Guarana- a plant seed used in medicine because it contains caffeine

Inositol- A vitamin like substance found in plants that may balance certain chemicals in the body

Glucoronolactone- there really isn't much out there on this one. Pretty weird

Maltodextrin- an artificial sugar

So there we go again. Synthetic vitamins, a couple of caffeine sources, some decent ingredients, and a bunch of sugar again. Also a complete wild card.