What are fat burners?

Fat burners have long been a staple of nutrition stores, infomercials, and kitchen cabinets. People are obsessed with weight and weight loss and companies have cashed in marketing their products as the cure for being overweight.

Truth is, they don't do it for you. They are supplements, which by definition, means in addition to. There are some medical fat blockers that have some scientific backing but the majority of over-the-counter fat burners have some similar ingredients and a mix of traditional Asian ingredients that have been sythesized in a lab for mass production.

Do they work?

Well....yes and no. Some are capable of burning fat more efficiently. If a person has a strong, consistent diet then you will likely notice the addition of a fat burner. Most likely they are not powerful enough to thwart a poor diet however some do contain some powerful appetite depressants. Like pre-workouts, they contain a myriad of ingredients and one should exercise caution. Use our Supplement Snoop app to get a quick rundown of ingredients before you start popping pills.



Conjugated Linoleic Acid. This is a group of chemicals found in fatty acids. As you may know, some healthy fats actually AID in fat loss by breaking down and used for energy, rather than being stored. Think of healthy fats like oil for your car. They lube your joints and muscles and keep them functioning properly. By stimulating use for energy, they can eliminate fat stores.


Despite it's long name, it is actually a natural amino acid found in the body. It is used by the cells to provide fuel for energy. It also aids in muscle, heart, and brain function. You will see Carnitine with different prefixes and suffixes which are usually bonded to it to increase absorption and delivery. This is a common practice.


A controversial, but effective ingredient. It is actually banned by the NCAA so athletes should monitor their labels. It is a plant extract that has been shown to increase heart rate and blood pressure, which increases body temperature. These factors increase fat and energy burning. You can see why some may love it and others may be terrified of it.


A chemical that has been shown to increase cognition. Focus during intense workouts is critical and the chemical has also been studied for it's increased power output. This may be linked to better concentration. It has some promising side effects though such as protecting cell membranes and preventing cognitive decline. Obviously anti-aging and anti-Alzheimer's qualities are a promising sign.


Pulled from green tea leaves, it is a very popular fat burning compound. It can be found in organic and safe forms and also contains some caffeine which has many health benefits. Green tea has been used to treat obesity, high cholesterol, and Parkinsons.


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