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RSP Nutrition

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I first came across RSP Nutrition while I was researching the top products on Bodybuilding.com. I noticed their brand consistently showed up on the top lists and people had overwhelmingly positive reviews. I began to dig a little bit deeper and noticed their labels were very clean with no proprietary blends. Though they do have an extensive line of products, they focus on Amino Acids and clean fat burners. I am a huge proponent of Amino Acid supplementation and I liked their approach on multiple ways to use them for training purposes. RSP definitely makes the list for Supplement Snoop's best supplement companies.

I decided to reach out to the company and learn more about their products and they were incredibly helpful. They were quick to help me have to proper barcodes so people could scan their products and were eager to answer the questions I had about their label choices.

I was also able to have an extensive phone conversation with their research department. It was incredible to me the amount of knowledge they had, but at the same time, that should be the case with every company. I learned more about their mission and their athletic training focus. More and more people are training to be athletic and healthy in life, and RSP fits in perfectly with these goals. Their attention to detail and passion for their products is clear and refreshing. Still, a company can have all the passion and drive in the world, but in the end it is the product that counts. 

I am happy to say I have had the pleasure of trying many of the RSP products and none of them disappoint. QuadraLean, their popular fat burner provides jitter-free clean energy. DyN.O. is a pre-workout that nails a profile I think leads to better workouts. Again, their Amino Acid lineup is where they really shine. They provide different products that meet certain goals and since people are different, they do a fantastic job at making something for everyone.

RSP Nutrition is truly a top company that Supplement Snoop trusts to guide our users and take them to the next level.


To provide innovative premium nutritional supplements that inspire customers to live healthier more active lifestyles and achieve their fitness goals.


To make RSP a true lifestyle brand that our customers embody in their everyday lives.


Founded by former student athletes, RSP HQ has recreated the student athlete culture blending camaraderie, goal setting, and achievement in a way that resembles a real life sports team. We value hard work, dedication, integrity, and innovative thinking.

RSP Product Line

Amino Acids

RSP Nutrition features a variety of products, but their strongest line just may be their amino acids. If you've read anything I've written, I am a firm believer in amino acids and their positive effects on exercise. RSP makes several different kinds that fit different goals. Some blends may be best taken before your workout, some during, and some after. Whatever your preference, RSP has you covered.

Amino Lean is a fantastic, versatile amino acid complex. As the name suggests, it contains fat burning compounds to go along with the extensive amino blend. It contains Beta Alanine which is huge for stamina and reducing fatigue. Leucine is present of course, as well as Taurine, Glutamine, and Citrulline. Where Amino Lean separates itself is with the addition of Caffeine as well as fat burners CLA, Green Tea, and L-Carntine Tartrate. The dose levels are relatively low per scoop so it won't adversely affect new supplement users, and veterans can simply add a bit more. With RSP'samazingly low prices, you can't go wrong.

Amino Focus take a slightly different approach than Amino Lean. The same Amino Acid foundation remains. Beta Alanine, Citrulline etc. but instead of the fat burning compounds, RSP chose to use cognitive boosters. These ingredients have been show to improve mental alertness and focus, all important functions when you are at the gym, or simply going about your day at work. The beauty of RSP's amino acid blends is many can be taken at any time of the day and don't necessarily have to be taken at the gym. CholineBitartrate and Alpha GPC are both tried and true cognitive boosters and complete the profile of Amino Focus.

ReGen BCAA is a different take on their original ReGen. It's a more straightforward formula and focuses on the main 3 BCAA's and adds in the money ingredient, Citrulline. It also contains some hydrating complex and Bioperine, which is black pepper extract, proven to improve the absorption of nutrients. I always look for Bioperine on my labels.


DyN.O. is RSP's unique pre-workout blend. It contains Beta Alanine and Arginine to fight fatigue, Alpha GPC for mental focus, Caffeine for it's many benefits, and Synephrine for fat loss. Synephrine is banned by some sports organizations so it should be monitored, however it's been shown to induce fat loss and is safe at controlled doses. With the multi-pronged approach, DyN.O. ticks all of the boxes people look for when looking for a workout igniter. It pairs perfectly with their Amino Acids that don't contain caffeine.

Fast Fuel approaches the multi-functioning of DyN.O. but from a different angle, giving users an alternative. They include powerful NitricOxide boosting Agmatine Sulfate (the patented version AgmaMAX), and well as Arginine and Beta Alanine. On top of this they added in powerhouse ingredient Creatine. Without a doubt Creatine is the most studied, proven ingredient on Earth. To take a step even further, they include a nice mix of BCAA's to make the most versatile product they've made to date. It also contains Caffeine and Tyrosine for energy.

​​Weight Management

QuadraLean is RSP's outstanding fat burning complex. It holds the #1 position on Supplement Snoop for fat burners. The label is versatile and attacks weight management from different sides. CLA and Carnitine are two of the most studied, effective fat burners around. CLA is a healthy fat and Carnitine changes fat into energy. Caffeine and Bitter Orange (Synephrine) combine for energy. Yohimbe is added for increased blood flow. Finally RSP uses their cognitive boosters Alpha GPC and Choline Bitartrate. As usual, Bioperine is present to ensure these nutrients are best absorbed. QuadraLean is truly a fat burning powerhouse.

Lean Omega is a unique blend of Omega fatty acids. Most are familiar with the fat burning side effects of these healthy fatty acids, but RSP makes it a point to combine them all in a simple form. CLA, EPA, DHA, and GLA are all present and are a great addition to a healthy kitchen.

​Whey Protein


Most companies have a Whey Protein and RSP's is pretty standard, however I feel that Concentrate is better than Isolate, if nothing else, simply from a cost perspective. RSP's Whey starts with Concentrate as it's base and adds in Isolate and Hydroslate to finish the blend.