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Test1fy by Olympus Labs

A unique blend of testosterone boosters, as well as fat loss and mood boosting ingredients.

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EVLTEST by Evlution Nutrition

A heavy dose of D-Aspartic acid mixed with proven fertility herbs.

Testosterone Products

What are test boosters? Why take them?

As men age, the body naturally produces less testosterone. Also, testosterone levels fluctuate during the day. Usually levels are at their highest in the morning and taper off, which is why some studies show workouts are better in the AM.

Science has always strived to combat this natural aging process and products have constantly popped up claiming to beat the natural system.

There are some quality supplements for low testosterone in men, and certainly work in the short term. We will discuss some key ingredients in a moment.

Do they work?

Well, yes and no. There are some ingredients that have been shown to raise testosterone levels for brief time periods. Unfortunately the majority of the time, those levels will normalize. However it is possible that people will react differently to them. The downside is they are usually very expensive but there are tons of organic, healthy traditional medicines out there that are proven aphrodisiacs and test boosters.



An herb that is used for male verility and fertility. It isn't exactly know why it works, however it has been shown to be effective.


An herb similar to clover that has been used in medicine to treat erectile dysfunction and increase bloodflow.


AKA "Longjack" it is a plant that is a proven aphrodisiac. Testosterone boosting has not been proven however it is a pro-fertility agent.


A plant that contains chemicals that improve blood flow and treat ED.


A pro-erectile herb that has similar effects to Viagara.


Another herb that acts as an aphrodisiac. There is preliminary evidence that it does in fact raise testosterone levels.


​A root from Peru that has long been used as an aphrodisiac across the world. It has been shown to work, but long term studies haven't been conclusive.


An amino acid regulator that has been shown to temporarily boost testosterone levels in healthy men, and even bigger boosts in infertile men.


Text Worx by Superior Labs

A blend of proven fertility herbs and the addition of Nitric Oxide booster, Arginine