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Do Women Need Specific Supplements?

Well that depends. In short, no, they do not unless you are talking specific female goals. When it comes to athletic performance, women can train and supplement the same as men. Since they may weigh less and have less muscle, they won't need as much protein or may dose less.

However, women have spoken and the supplement companies have responded. Most companies make supplements with labeling and marketing geared towards women and are often created by women themselves. 

They aren't necessarily original or ground-breaking, but that doesn't mean they aren't extremely effective.

And hey, then she won't be stealing your supplements anymore, guys!

Top Products for Women


​Delight Protein

Whey protein concentrate blended with a huge variety of fruit and vegetable extracts


​Powerful pre-workout blend of Beta Alanine, Caffeine, and amino acids used for energy

Companies Geared Towards Women

NLA for Her

NLA for her was started in 2012. Their goal was to break the stereotype of women being afraid of lifting weights, eating protein, and being on the same trajectory as men. Breaking from the skinny, starving negative connotations and developing products to help women achieve greater goals, NLA for Her quickly became a prominent brand in the supplement industry. Their team consists of women innovators and women spokes-models that exemplify strength and femininity. 

They offer a wide range of products such as Protein with added fruits and vegetables, amino acids, fat burners, and more.

Shred Her                                             Uplift                                                       Her Whey

A fat burning compound                                Pre-workout booster                                       Whey protein isolate with

consisting of natural                                      with focus, energy, and                                   fat burning additives

​ingredients                                                    fat burning